All Saints Parish Collaborative: Pastoral Plan

What is a collaborative? Think of it like a household. Some households consist of a large family, other households might consist of a single person. In the same way, some collaboratives have more than one parish, but some collaboratives consist of just a single parish.
All Saints Parish is a single-parish collaborative. Technically we are referred to as Haverhill Collaborative of All Saints.
Each collaborative has a pastoral plan. In the same way that families need to agree on how to budget resources, assign responsibilities, and how to nourish, care for, love and support one another to flourish and grow, so the collaborative needs to create a plan that reflects its mission as Christ’s Body, the Church, in caring for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, cooperating with the Holy Spirit in leading all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of God’s mercy.
The Archdiocese of Boston has adopted Disciples in Mission as a framework for its pastoral plan. The goal of Disciples in Mission is that every parish of the Archdiocese of Boston be a strong, stable, intentional, and effective center of the New Evangelization.

Each collaborative’s pastoral plan will apply the Disciples in Mission framework to its local situation.

It is founded on the recognition that our parishes are Eucharistic communities of God’s faithful people, entrusted with carrying out the mission given by Jesus Christ to the Church. Each element of this proposed plan is a means for enabling parish communities to fulfill the Gospel mission.

The Pastoral Plan is developed as a written document.
We are a “Phase VI” collaborative, along with the other two Haverhill Collaboratives, the Haverhill Collaborative of Sacred Hearts and the Haverhill Collaborative of Saint James and Saint John the Baptist. That means we are all going through the process in a similar timeframe. Our pastoral plan target completion date is June 2020.

The completed plan is approved by the Archdiocese and then serves as a roadmap for the collaborative over a period of several years.
Fr. Chris has named the twelve members of our Plan Writing Team (PWT). These individuals work together and advise Fr. Chris based on their own prayer, reflection and experiences, as well as research and listening to the concerns, questions, hopes, and ideas of fellow parishioners.

  • Kim O’Neil
  • Peter Richardson
  • Maureen Cartier
  • Susan Florent
  • Liz Benson
  • Rich Connors
  • Kristen Murphy
  • Pat Guyot
  • Susan Schumacher
  • Gary Bradley
  • Max Nicolas
  • Casey Nicolas

Please pray for the success of their plan writing efforts, so that we may follow this Pastoral Plan as our guide to become the parish collaborative God wants us to be.