Christmas Flowers

The Christmas flowers remain on the altar from the afternoon of December 24 through the Baptism of Our Lord, the Sunday following the Feast of the Epiphany January 6, which marks the end of the Christmas Season.

Our beautiful Christmas flowers are made possible by the generosity of many of our parishioners who make contributions in memory of a loved one who is deceased, or in honor of someone who is living.

Each year, if you wish to donate flowers in the name of a loved one, at any time in the weeks before Christmas, please place cash or check in a parish envelope or a plain envelope, and include:

your loved one’s name printed clearly, with the words:

“in memory of” (deceased)


“in honor of” (living),

All the names will be printed in the parish bulletin for the week of Christmas. Donations received after the due date will be in the bulletin the following week.

Thank You Blessings.