Scripture and the Rosary

Time for Prayer

Prayer is central to our lives in so many ways. Taking the time to pray daily, and with discipline, brings deep, lasting inner peace and strength. Relax and rest in prayer, knowing that the time spent with God is time well spent.

But what if I do not have time? Is this really the reason I am not praying?

Perhaps I am overwhelmed with a “to do” list that’s impossible to stay on top of. Sometimes it is the unrealistic expectations of people around us, whether at work, school, or in our families. Often we expect too much of ourselves. Sometimes it is the way we respond when we are at the end of our rope and lash out or withhold compassion.

It can be uncomfortable to spend time quietly reflecting, meditating, examining our lives, wrestling with the feelings of inadequacy, sorrow, and shame. It is very difficult to face the reality that we have fallen short, disappointed ourselves and others, and too often given in to temptation, turning away from God as we pursue the next bright shiny object or distraction.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation provides a path to inner peace and healing. Anxiety and depression are not sins, but they are very painful and potentially dangerous conditions. Despite our struggles to “think positive”, our minds can be trapped in negative thoughts, even self-loathing. God already knows this about us — we do not need to hide! God is with us in our difficulties, in our despair, and in our suffering.

The comfort and healing of Reconciliation reminds the penitent that God’s love and mercy have no boundaries. We can bring all our imperfections, resentments, anger, and disappointments to God. God can handle it. We do not need to hide our faults or pretend that everything is fine. We can be reconciled with our Divine Creator right now, as we are.