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What is Faith Formation?

Faith Formation consists of two essential elements: religious education and religious experience. Both education and experience are ordered toward the same thing: a living relationship with God. the highest point of one ‘s relationship with God is worship. It’s for this reason that the catechism states that the Sunday Eucharist is the “Source and Summit of Christian life.” The Holy Mass is the most important religious experience we have as Catholics. At every Mass God Himself comes to feed us with His Holy Word and His Most Blessed Sacrament the Eucharist. Our hope is that bringing everyone together will boost a positive energy and community spirit of all families and students involved in our Sunday church experience.

We have many resources in our parish for children, teens and adults to strengthen their faith.

All children and youth are invited, encouraged, and welcome to participate in religious education classes, also called “CCD.” For an older child who has not yet been baptized or who has not received First Communion, there is a program called “RCIC” which stands for “Rite of Christian Initiation for Children.”

Parents and guardians of children from Kindergarten through Grade 10: Enroll your children in our parish faith formation program which is family-based and includes sacramental preparation.

Faith Formation for Children and Teens


Grades K-8

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Grades 9-10 Confirmation

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Youth Ministry

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Parents have the primary role in a child’s faith formation. A child’s faith is formed and nurtured by the family’s regular attendance at Mass, expressing love, seeking and giving forgiveness, and making an effort to serve others. Additional ways include daily prayer at home including grace before meals, a few minutes of prayer as part of a child’s bedtime ritual, and displaying religious art in the home.

For adults who wish to become Catholic, or for adult Catholics who did not receive First Communion or Confirmation in their youth, we invite you to participate in a program called RCIA.

Please read our parish bulletin every week to learn about specific ministries, events, and activities.